Professional Development Portal for BC Post Secondary Educators

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash


The Teaching Learning Professional Development (TLPD) web site is an initiative developed by BCcampus with the B.C. post-secondary educator community.


This web-based resource aims to support post-secondary educators in promoting and finding teaching and learning professional development opportunities and the building of community connections.


How does the web portal work?

  • B.C. post-secondary organizers (with an authenticated account) will be able to post professional development opportunities offered by their institution/organization;
  • Posted events can be viewed by searching by a keyword, topic, location or date to generate a listing of B.C. professional development offerings.


Click here for  more information about the project, and to search the website for events and opportunities!

*The Teaching and Learning Professional Development portal (TLPD) is sponsored by BCcampus (CC BY 4.0)

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