In the Winter of 2022, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Open Education Working Group are undertaking a comprehensive consultation process to develop a series of recommendations for the support of sustainability and growth of Open Education at TRU.

The first report will address the following and be submitted by April 30, 2022:

  • Survey internal stakeholders about open activities and what supports are in place now and needed in the future.
  • An up-to-date environmental scan of other institutions
  • A list of external funding opportunities to support OE initiatives at TRU.
  • This report has been submitted and will be forwarded to Dr. Gillian Balfour, the incoming Provost. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss it in due course. We have been asked to not circulate the report until the Provost has had the opportunity to review it.

The second report will address the following and be submitted by June 30, 2022:

  • Recommend a strategy for collecting and disseminating data related to OE activities at TRU including Zero Textbook Courses and OER.

To support the work of the OEWG Chair and Vice-Chair, the following people have agreed to provide guidance on the consultations and recommendations. All have been recognized provincially and some nationally and internationally for their work in Open Education.

  • Brian Lamb, Director, Learning Technology & Innovation, Open Learning
  • Dr. Catharine Dishke, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CELT)
  • Dr. Michelle Harrison, Assistant Professor, Open Learning
  • Brenda Smith, Open Education Librarian
  • Christine Miller, Assistant Teaching Professor and OE Development Grant Coordinator
  • Sierra Rae, Governance Coordinator, TRUSU
  • Melanie Meyers, Project Manager, BCcampus

ActionMethodCompletion Date
Consultation by interviewExternal Institutions
April 1
Stocktaking consultation with students Online surveyMarch 11
Stocktaking consultation with facultyOnline survey March 11
Stocktaking with other internal stakeholdersOnline survey / written submissionsMarch 11
Round table consultation with studentsVideo ConferenceMarch 25
Round table consultation with facultyVideo ConferenceMarch 25
Round table consultation other internal stakeholders Video ConferenceMarch 31
Draft report consultations Video ConferenceApril 15
Final report submissionApril 30

These surveys are part of the stocktaking phase and will be used to inform the future Round table consultations in the next stage of the process. No survey should take more than 6 minutes to complete. Thanks in advance for your participation and we look forward to reporting back on the results.

For students. This survey is designed to record how students have interacted with OE activities while at TRU.

Here is the Student Survey results.

For faculty. Amongst other questions, if you have created an OER, we would like a record your experience. The survey includes an open ended question that asks you to write about your experience and recommendations for improvement. Before starting the survey, you may want to write your experience in Word and cut and paste it into the survey. Our intention is to attach all the experiences in an appendix. Names will not be included.

Here is the Faculty Survey results

For other TRU Stakeholders. The survey is intended for leaders of units that have supported OE initiatives and deals primarily with institutional support issues.