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Thompson River’s University OER Development Grant 2018 Recipients

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Eight faculty members have been awarded grants through TRU’s Strategic Initiative Fund (SIF) to create new open education resources.

When these resources are ready for use in the summer of 2019, they will be stored online and available on BC Campus, a repository of academic resource materials that are free to use, have been peer reviewed, rigorously tested and have received the appropriate copyright approvals. Non-

TRU students and faculty will also have free access to the materials.

The eight faculty members were interviewed and featured on the Inside TRU Blog. Visit InsideTRU for details!


Professional Development Portal for BC Post Secondary Educators

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash


The Teaching Learning Professional Development (TLPD) web site is an initiative developed by BCcampus with the B.C. post-secondary educator community.


This web-based resource aims to support post-secondary educators in promoting and finding teaching and learning professional development opportunities and the building of community connections.


How does the web portal work?

  • B.C. post-secondary organizers (with an authenticated account) will be able to post professional development opportunities offered by their institution/organization;
  • Posted events can be viewed by searching by a keyword, topic, location or date to generate a listing of B.C. professional development offerings.


Click here for  more information about the project, and to search the website for events and opportunities!

*The Teaching and Learning Professional Development portal (TLPD) is sponsored by BCcampus (CC BY 4.0)

BCcampus blog – What students like (and dislike) about OER

Open Learning Faculty Member, Steven Earle, was recently featured on the BCcampus website for his project on What students like (and dislike) about OER.


The goal of the project described here is to find out how students use their open texts and what they like and dislike about them. The overall objective is to seek strategies for designing open texts that are better suited to meet the learning needs of students.


Check out the blog post here!

*BCcampus CC BY 4.0