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Pressbooks Guide: Providing Access to Others

This post shows how to add other Pressbooks users to your book in Pressbooks. An

The range of B.C. research on open

In October of 2018, I began a secondment to BCcampus as Researcher, Open Education Practices.

Open Education Stories: Unmanned Aerial Systems Taking Off!

In 2018, Dr. Eric Saczuk, Geomatics instructor at BCIT, applied for an Open Education Resource

Canada OER Group – 2019 update

A 2019 update from members of the Canada OER Group, a growing assembly of educators

Accessibility Toolkit: Multimedia

In this section, we provide recommendations to guide your inclusion of accessible multimedia content. What

Pressbooks Guide for B.C. and the Yukon

BCcampus Open Education provides a self-serve instance of Pressbooks called “B.C. Faculty Pressbooks” for faculty